Trucking Accidents

With the volume of traffic and number of large interstates in the Atlanta, Georgia area, getting into an accident with a tractor-trailer is every driver’s worst fear.  Injuries that result from a tractor-trailer or semi-truck accident are often more severe and debilitating than car accidents, making it imperative that victims of such accidents obtain fair and necessary compensation to pay for both past and future medical care.

Tractor-trailer cases are more complicated than car accidents not only because of the sheer magnitude of possible injuries and damages but also because both federal and Georgia laws govern the operation and use of such commercial vehicles.  An understanding of such laws, in addition to knowledge about the intricate corporate relationships between employees, independent, contractors, brokers, and shippers, are essential to the successful negotiation and resolution of such cases.

Additional factors such as violations of regulations regarding the training of drivers, the use of alcohol or drugs, vehicle maintenance, and the transport of hazardous materials can even further complicate your case.

An attorney who understands these issues may be able to find multiple ways to show liability not only against the driver of the truck and the company but also against any other entities that may have contributed to the cause of the accident, increasing the amount of compensation that you can obtain.  If you have been injured by a tractor-trailer, please contact The Davis Injury Firm LLC for a consultation.

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