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Airports are fast-paced places bustling with activity and a rush to get from one place to the next. Certain parts of the premises may be under renovation, luggage may be strung hazardously all over the floor, and spilled drinks may go unnoticed by rushing travelers. As a result, accidents in airports can happen to anyone, from travelers to airline workers. 

Attorney Betty Nguyen Davis has been representing injured individuals for 18 years, and she is more than prepared to fight aggressively for your claim for damages following an airport injury. No case is too hard for her to handle, and she relishes a competitive case that she is optimistic about resolving. Whether you have a premises liability case or workers’ compensation claim on your hands, Davis Injury Firm can help.

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What Are Some Examples of Airport Injuries?

Due to the busy and sometimes crowded nature of airports, many different types of accidents can occur on the premises. Some common examples of airport accidents include:

  • Slip and fall at an airport – tripping over hazardous objects, slipping on wet areas in the food courts, slipping in unsafe terminals 
  • Dangerous surfaces – moving sidewalks, uneven stairs, malfunctioning escalators and elevators, negligently operated courtesy cars
  • Jetway incidents – getting caught between the airport ramp and plane door, commonly with young children, falling objects, like luggage
  • Airplane/airline accidents – plane crashes, falling luggage Travelers injured in an airport can file a premises liability claim for damages if they have been hurt due to undermaintained or otherwise unsafe conditions on airplanes and in airports and obtain treatment for their injuries.

What Damages Could Be Recovered in an Airport Injury Claim?

Understanding the potential damages that can be recovered in an airport injury claim is essential for individuals seeking compensation for their suffering. Some damages that may be recovered in an airport injury claim include:

  • Medical Expenses: Injuries sustained in airport accidents often require immediate medical attention, resulting in medical expenses that can quickly accumulate. We can work diligently to ensure that clients are compensated for all medical costs, including hospital bills, surgeries, medications, and rehabilitation.
  • Lost Wages: An airport injury can have a profound impact on an individual's ability to work, potentially leading to a loss of income. Pursuing a claim for lost wages is a crucial component of seeking just compensation. We can assess the impact of the injury on our client's ability to earn a living, ensuring that lost wages are factored into the overall claim.
  • Pain and Suffering: The physical and emotional toll of an airport injury can be overwhelming. Victims may be qualified for compensation for pain and suffering, acknowledging the intangible damages that extend beyond the quantifiable economic losses. We can employ a compassionate approach to ensure that our clients obtain fair compensation for their pain and suffering from an airport-related injury.
  • Property Damage: In some cases, airport accidents may result in damage to personal property, such as luggage or electronic devices. Seeking compensation for property damage is a critical aspect of a comprehensive airport injury claim. We can assess the extent of property damage and pursue appropriate compensation on behalf of our clients.

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    How To File An Airport Injury Claim


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    Immediately after experiencing an injury at an airport, the injured person should first seek medical assistance from airport police or paramedics on site. They can then request an incident report to be filed before resuming travel – be sure to obtain a copy of the incident report. 

    What is the Statute Of Limitations For an Airport Injury Claim in Georgia?

    From there, the injured plaintiff has 2 years from the date of the accident to file a premises liability claim for damages. The quicker they get started on the case the better, as they can more readily obtain the relevant evidence and recall who is at fault (e.g., an airport employee is at fault for failing to maintain the premises, a fellow traveler is at fault for not looking after their luggage that has barred the walkway). 

    What If I am an Airport Employee Who Was Injured?

    If the injured party seeking compensation is an airport employee, they can file a workers’ compensation claim instead. Note that workers’ compensation is a no-fault program, which means the injured victim does not need to prove negligence. As long as the injury occurred while the individual was performing their work duties on work time, they are covered by workers’ compensation.

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