Mulitple Vehicle Car Accidents in Hapeville

The pure volume of traffic in Atlanta makes multiple vehicle car accidents a common occurrence.  Multiple vehicle accidents often cause problems for making personal injury claims because the question of who is responsible is often disputed.

To make a personal injury claim under Georgia law, a claimant must show that s/he is not at fault, that the other driver’s negligence caused the accident, and the accident caused the claimant to suffer from injuries.  When there are more than 2 vehicles involved, negligence and fault can be difficult to prove, especially when insurance companies are quick to deny liability.

A classic example of a multiple vehicle collision is the domino effect rear-end collision.  A vehicle rear-ends the vehicle in front of it and then the vehicle in the back hits the middle vehicle.  In an everyday rear-end collision, the vehicle that rear-ends the car in front of it is usually at fault and is often cited for “following too closely.”  Add a third car, and it can complicate things because now there are more people to blame for the cause of the accident.  In theory, cars #2 and #3 were both following too closely, causing each of them to collide with the car in front of it.  And, if there are two impacts, the cause of the personal injury could be questioned:  was it the first impact or the second impact that caused the injuries?

Or, add a fact such as the first vehicle was disabled and stopped in the middle of the road.  That calls into question whether the driver of the stopped vehicle could be at fault for stopping.

At any rate, if you are injured in multiple vehicle accidents, chances are you need an attorney to assist you with your claim.  Multiple cars mean multiple insurance companies and multiple insurance claims.  Sometimes, an insurance company may only accept 50% liability, and you have to collect the other half of your claim from another insurer.  Or, you have to file a lawsuit in order to allow a judge or a jury to determine liability.

As with any car accident involving injuries, you should:

  • seek medical attention immediately;
  • notify your car insurance company of the accident;
  • notify the at-fault parties’ car insurance companies of the accident;
  • but do not give a recorded statement;
  • obtain a copy of the police report for the car accident (if your accident occurred in the Hapeville, College Park, or East Point areas, you’ll probably be looking for a City of Atlanta Police report);
  • take photographs of injuries to your person;
  • take photographs of property damage to your car; and,
  • call an attorney to advise you.

The Davis Injury Firm is happy to answer all of your legal questions related to making a personal injury claim involving multiple vehicles.  Call us at (404) 647-0722 for a consultation with an attorney.

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