Airport Injury Liability

Traveler walks through the Atlanta airport with luggage

Atlanta’s Hartsfield Jackson International Airport is the world’s busiest airport for passenger traffic. According to CNN, 75,704,760 people traveled through the Atlanta airport in 2021. A lot can go wrong in such a large airport, including escalator and elevator malfunctions, spills on the floor, assaults or other crimes, and slip and falls.

Airport Injuries

Airport injuries can happen anywhere, including in the terminals, on airplanes, on boarding entry ramps, in bathrooms, restaurants, or parking lots. Any number of companies can be responsible for an injury that occurs in the airport.

The City of Atlanta owns and operates the airport, and is responsible for its safety. However, the City hires other companies for maintenance, cleaning, and management of the airport, and those companies also have a responsibility for keeping travelers safe. Additionally, many vendors, such as restaurants and shops could be responsible for dangerous conditions in areas that they control. In other words, anyone could be responsible for an injury, depending on where and how the injury happens.

Just as in any other premises liability case, someone who suffers an airport injury must show there is a responsible party whose carelessness or “negligence” caused the injury to happen.

In one airport injury case we handled, there was water leaking from a restaurant out into the terminal. One of the biggest questions in that case was who was responsible—the restaurant or the airport maintenance people? Another issue was how long had the water been there? Did the restaurant know that there was water leaking from its business? Did the airport and its maintenance company know that there was water leaking into the terminal? Did anyone regularly inspect the area for spills?

Some steps the airport or other businesses inside of the airport can take to prevent falls or other injuries include:

● Regular inspection for dangerous conditions, such as spills or objects in aisles or walkways.

● Regular maintenance and inspection of escalators, elevators, trains, & moving walkways.

● Posting warning signs regarding any dangerous conditions.

Airport injury cases, like most premises liability cases, are complicated. They can involve multiple responsible parties, and 99% of the time a lawsuit has to be filed in order to resolve an airport injury case.

We Can Help With Your Airport Injury Case

If you’ve suffered an injury at the airport through no fault of your own, you may be able to recover compensation for your losses. Don’t hesitate to reach out to our firm right away with your questions.

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