Personal Injury

The Davis Injury Firm represents victims who have been injured as a result of another person’s carelessness in cases involving automobile, boating, and trucking accidents, premises liability, and medical malpractice in the Atlanta, Georgia area.

The term “personal injury” refers to a broad scope of practice areas that can range from suffering from neck and back pain from a car accident to losing a limb from a dangerous product to breaking an arm in a boating accident.

Under civil law in Georgia, people who are hurt as a result of another person’s or even a company’s “negligence” can be held economically liable.  “Negligence” is a legal term that means someone failed to act carefully or reasonably.  The law allows the victim of negligence to seek compensation if the victim can show that the at-fault party’s negligence caused his or her to suffer from injury and damages.

While most “personal injury” claims start out as insurance claims against the at-fault party’s car or home or a commercial insurance policy, many personal injury claims result in lawsuits.

Initiating a civil lawsuit is a right that stems from the 7th Amendment of the Constitution's right to a jury trial.  A lawsuit begins with the filing of a complaint and summons and service on the at-fault party. The complaint will ask for monetary damages for injuries that the at-fault party caused; of course, the at-fault party has the opportunity to file an answer and the parties engage in litigation over the related issues.  The end result is a trial by jury, where a jury determines if the person who is being sued is at fault and if the injured victim is entitled to compensation and the amount of that compensation if any.

Thankfully, we as citizens have the option to utilize lawsuits to recover from life-changing injuries from the negligence of other parties.  That gives us the power to ensure that people and companies strive to act carefully to prevent accidents and to keep the general public safe.  And, it also allows someone who has incurred significant medical bills, lost wages, and other expenses to recover compensation for their losses.  Such compensation is imperative for a person who suffers a permanent injury and requires long-term future medical care, or even for someone who missed work for two weeks and needs the compensation to pay for basic needs.

No matter what type of personal injury case you may have, you would be wise to consult the advice of an honest and qualified attorney to assist you.  The attorneys at The Davis Injury Firm will evaluate your case honestly and work hard to seek fair compensation for your injuries.  To speak to a personal injury attorney today, call (404) 647-0722

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