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The Do’s and Don’ts of a Successful Personal Injury Case


When you have a personal injury case, whether it be from a motor vehicle collision, a slip & fall, or a truck accident, it is important to do everything that is in your control to preserve your claims and to make it difficult for the insurance company or the defense attorney to defend your case. The following article will outline the “do’s and don’ts” of a personal injury case.

The Do’s of a Successful Personal Injury Case

  • Do call the police to the scene.
  • Do obtain an incident report.
  • Do call an ambulance to the scene.
  • Do seek medical treatment immediately for your injuries.
  • Do seek follow up care with your doctor.
  • Do obtain consistent medical care.
  • Do keep all medical appointments.
  • Do follow doctor’s orders.
  • Do obtain witness contact information.
  • Do take photographs or videos of the scene of the collision or area where the incident occurred.
  • Do use health insurance to pay for your medical care.
  • Do disclose any accidents or injuries that you had before or after the collision or incident to your attorney.
  • Do keep records of lost work due to the incident.
  • Do consult with an attorney.
  • Do be patient.  Expect your case to take anywhere from 6 months to a few years before it is resolved.
  • Do be aware that the other side could be surveilling you.

The Don’ts of a Successful Personal Injury Case

  • Do not post any information about your injuries, the incident, or anything related to your claim or case on social media or anywhere on the internet.
  • Do not lie or exaggerate your injuries.
  • Do not give any insurance companies a recorded statement.
  • Do not contact any witnesses or parties on your own.
  • Do not talk about your claim or your attorney to your medical providers.
  • Do not place yourself in harm’s way just to obtain a photograph or other information on the scene.  Make sure you’re safe first.
  • Do not quit medical treatment until you recover from your injuries.
  • Do not settle your case until your medical treatment is completed.

Although these lists are not exhaustive and following the do’s and don’ts will not guarantee results, they are important to follow in order to strengthen your case or in order to avoid hurting your case.  When you have a legal claim, remember that evidence is important.  Thus, the other side will be gathering evidence about you and your case.  That is why it is important to be aware of how you could be scrutinized by the other side when you are bringing a personal injury case.  If you have any questions about your personal injury case, please call us at (404) 647-0722 to speak directly to an attorney.