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Why Do You Need a Personal Injury Lawyer?


Do I Need Personal Injury Lawyer for an Automobile Accident in Georgia

You may be asking yourself if you should incur attorneys’ fees to handle your Georgia car accident case. Generally speaking, the more complex your case is or the more serious your injury is, the more necessary it is for you to hire a qualified attorney.

What are some examples (although this is not an exhaustive list) of automobile injury cases where you would be smart to hire a lawyer?

  1. Where your medical bill exceed $5,000.00;
  2. Where your injury is a fracture, broken bone, herniated disc, or anything worse than a “soft tissue injury”;
  3. Where you had a pre-existing injury that may have been aggravated or exacerbated by the car crash;
  4. Where there is a claim under your insurance policy because the other driver was uninsured or underinsured;
  5. Where your doctor, hospital, or health insurance company asserts a right to be reimbursed for health care expenses arising from the automobile accident;
  6. Where the at-fault driver was driving a commercial vehicle or a tractor-trailer; and,
  7. Where the accident involves an at-fault driver who is under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

What are some examples of cases where you probably do not need an attorney to help you?

  1. Where your injuries are smaller and require little medical treatment because you fully recovered quickly;
  2. Where your medical bills total less than $2,000.00 gross;
  3. Where (1) and (2) above are true, and the at-fault driver’s insurance company takes responsibility for the driver.

Handling an automobile personal injury case can be relatively simple or relatively complex. Having the expertise of an Atlanta personal injury attorney is imperative in cases where complex issues such as punitive damages, uninsured drivers, medical reimbursement, or commercial insurance coverage arise.

Oftentimes, hiring an attorney will put a larger recovery in your pocket, even after paying fees and costs, because knowledge of legal issues will enable the lawyer to maximize your recovery. Feel free to schedule a consultation with a qualified Atlanta automobile accident attorney at The Davis Injury Firm, call us today at (404) 647-0722.