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Car Accidents That Happen on the Job


If you are injured in a car accident in Atlanta while you are driving within the scope of your employment, you may be able to make both a workers’ compensation claim and a third-party personal injury claim against the at-fault driver under Georgia law.

For example, let’s say you are driving a company car when another person runs a red light and hits you, causing injuries.  Under that scenario, you can not only make a workers’ compensation claim through your employer, but you can also make a claim against the other driver for causing your injuries.  If you suffer from a significant injury, having both claims may be the only way that you are fully compensated for your loss.

Whatever the case is, the first step you need to take is to seek immediate medical treatment if you are hurt in an automobile accident.  Medical treatment is very important for several reasons, including making sure that you begin the healing process for your injuries and maintain your health.  Another important reason for medical treatment, which is related to making the injury or workers’ compensation claim, is documenting your injuries.

Treating your injuries immediately ensures that there will be medical records documenting that the car accident caused your injuries.  A delay in treatment could place an obstacle to showing that the automobile wreck hurt you, which is an essential element to proving a negligence claim under Georgia law.

Thus, if you are hurt at the scene of the accident, you should go to the emergency room immediately. If you are able to make a workers’ compensation claim as a result of your accident, then you can treat with medical providers via your employer.  If you are unable to make a workers’ compensation claim, you should call an attorney immediately to review your options for medical treatment.

For your personal injury claim against the at-fault driver, you will want to obtain a police report, get the names and numbers of witnesses, call your insurance company, and call the at-fault driver’s insurance company.  Many bodily injury claims can be settled with the at-fault party’s insurer; however, under some circumstances, where the insurance company denies liability or refuses to pay you a reasonable and fair amount for your injuries, you may be required to file a lawsuit.

For injuries involving more than $5,000.00 in medical care, it is highly recommended that you retain an attorney in Georgia to ensure that your medical bills are covered and that you recover compensation for pain and suffering, lost wages, and any losses related to the car accident.

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